Thursday, January 17, 2019

President Trump Body Slams Nancy Pelosi; War in the Middle East

I see some in the media who are wincing as to what President Trump did to Pelosi and company.  Yes, I was openly disappointed in my prior blog, but I suppose when President Trump grounded a demoncratic brat, is a close second to what he missed the last week.  There is no doubt that both the House Majority leader and the President have engaged in “trench warfare,” for which neither will jeopardize their positions. 

Lindsey Graham complained about how “sophomoric” both Pelosi and Trump are behaving, for which one tweet described it as a Nah, Nah, Poo, Poo politicing.  All this political bickering is going nowhere, but this is Washington D.C., for which is a metaphoric “swamp,” and swamps don’t move very much. 

The only action that has made any difference in Washington, D.C., is President Trump pen.  Every one of President Trump’s “actions” has done nothing less than positive effects; massive employment, for which there are now more jobs than people to fill them, and at least 24 other positives that have boosted our economy.  According to former President Obama, when touting; “What magic wand will Trump wave,” President Trump has achieved the impossible by bringing manufacturing back to the United States.  If any country is not exporting; eventually that particular nation has closed the book on growth. 

Capitalism, in short, is, “Find a need and fill it.”  The United States was for a time, a republic.  However, an almost unnoticed number of events took place within our government, in the latter half of the 19th century, for which our nation transformed from a republic to a democracy.  In a democracy, a government finds a way to tax the economy.  As a “Republic” the United States government was financed through tariffs.  The individual income tax is a form of slavery.  Consider; how long does one work to pay the income tax; 3 to 4 months out of the year perhaps?  The translation is to be from one quarter to one-third a “slave.”

In early America, Americans did not take too kindly to being taxed and receiving no benefits; most of all, without representation.  Britain was rather busy prosecuting wars, with either France or Spain, and money is the grease that lubricates a military machine.  Today, this is known as the “Military Industrial Complex.”  We already know what proceeded after that, which is not unlike the workings of the Instant Rip-off Service, when they feel they are short-changed.  Yes, the IRS has sent military people out to not only confiscate but also to prosecute. 

The recent attack in Syria that killed a few Americans was no coincidence, in regards to the timing—this particular attack came almost immediately after President Trump’s announcement of pulling our troops out of Syria.  This particular attack was not a response from ISIS but was a response from the “Military Industrial Complex,” who prompted the opposition to make this attack happen.  Remember what I have written in a prior blog—“If there were no profit in war there would be less of it.”  Before the “Military Industrial Complex,” wars were far shorter than they have been since after North Korea.  Endless wars, fill the coffers of the “Military Industrial Complex,” endlessly.  Yes, we need the military, but not to be engaged in wars to profit the few.

The key to the defunding of the “Military Industrial Complex,” is to make it illegal for any legislature to have investments in any company that produces or provides material to make military equipment.  Another venue would be for any owner and workers employed in the manufacture of military equipment and supplies, to pay them no more than those who are willing to spill their blood.  I said it before, and it bears repeating; we do not have any business to be involved in another’s civil war or to be actively involved in changing a regime.  In addition, if Muslims are not fighting their enemies, they are still engaged in killing one another. 

To qualify this last statement about the Muslims, to wit: Genesis 16:1-12, Now Sarai Abram's wife bare him no children: and she had a handmaid, an Egyptian, whose name was Hagar.
2 And Sarai said unto Abram, Behold now, the LORD hath restrained me from bearing: I pray thee, go in unto my maid; it may be that I may obtain children by her. And Abram hearkened to the voice of Sarai.
3 And Sarai Abram's wife took Hagar her maid the Egyptian, after Abram had dwelt ten years in the land of Canaan, and gave her to her husband Abram to be his wife.
4 And he went in unto Hagar, and she conceived: and when she saw that she had conceived, her mistress was despised in her eyes.
5 And Sarai said unto Abram, My wrong be upon thee: I have given my maid into thy bosom; and when she saw that she had conceived, I was despised in her eyes: the LORD judge between me and thee.
6 But Abram said unto Sarai, Behold, thy maid is in thy hand; do to her as it pleaseth thee. And when Sarai dealt hardly with her, she fled from her face.
7 And the angel of the LORD found her by a fountain of water in the wilderness, by the fountain in the way to Shur.
8 And he said, Hagar, Sarai's maid, whence camest thou? and whither wilt thou go? And she said, I flee from the face of my mistress Sarai.
9 And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Return to thy mistress, and submit thyself under her hands.
10 And the angel of the LORD said unto her, I will multiply thy seed exceedingly, that it shall not be numbered for multitude.
11 And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the LORD hath heard thy affliction.
12 And he will be a wild man*; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

*Some translations give the following description, “a wild ass of a man.”  Therefore it is of no surprise as to what transpires in regards to Muslims, for which if they do not assimilate into the American society, they will cause much havoc within our nation, for which they have already gained allies in the courts and our political system.

Monday, January 14, 2019

President Trump Missed a Pivotal Opportunity…

As much as I support President Trump in getting the wall, I am rather disappointed he missed a valuable political opportunity that both the MSM and the Demoncrats would never forget.  It would have been the greatest “sweet revenge” for all the heartache to the “Angel Families” who lost loved ones.

President Trump should have announced, at the same time when the wheels of the private jet hit the tarmac of the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to declare a “National Emergency.” to get his wall funded.  The news would most certainly be on the monitors of the lobby of the airport, when both the Demoncrats and the lobbyists who most likely funded the junket, would have their jaws drop to the floor, as they disembarked, and completely spoil the bribe. 

Also, President Trump could have announced that he would not sign anything to fund Puerto Rico’s financial mismanagement further—this would be salt to rub deeply into the wound.  One of the reasons for this particular junket was to lobby for more funding for Puerto Rico.  There is no doubt that the tens of thousands of dollars the lobbyists invested for the flight, rental cars, hotels and probably the “Hamilton Show,” would be miffed beyond belief.  

The above would have been a paradox for the Demoncrats, as to what to do next.  They could reach into their deep corrupt pockets and get a return flight back to Washington, or make a noble attempt to enjoy themselves through the generosity of their hosts.  Oh, my dear President Trump—my hands are in my face because you lost a political opportunity that would have been well-remembered in the history books.  One can only hope that you might have something else in mind, but alas, I strongly feel that you have been far too generous with these venomous Demoncrats.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The 2020 Demoncratic Platform in Two Words


It seems that no matter if President Trump turns to the right or to the left, he can do nothing correctly according to both the Demoncrats and the Mainstream Media (MSM).  Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign was also about resisting Trump at every turn but did not have any other issue, with the exception of the usual political platitudes.

Is it possible that hating any white person is not a “Hate Crime?”  So-called “Hate Crimes” are not crimes, unless there is a constitutionally injured party.  “Hate Crimes” stem from the mind and come out of the mouth.  There are no weapons involved that can physically induce harm, requiring medical attention. 

There is much talk about “equity in law”, or “equal protection of the laws” but does anyone who touts this particular phrase, fully understand what it means?  According to a law dictionary, authored by Steven H. Gifis, states the following under the word “equity”, to wit: most generally “justice.”  Historically, “equity” developed as a separate body of law in England in reaction to the inability of the common law courts, in their strict adherence to rigid writs and forms of action to entertain or provide a remedy for every injury.  The King, therefore, established the high court of chancery, the purpose of which was to do justice between parties in those cases where the common law would give no or inadequate redress.  Equity law to a large extent was formulated in maxims, such as “equity suffers not a right without a remedy,” or “equity follows the law,” meaning that equity will derive a means to achieve a lawful result when legal procedure is inadequate.  Equity and law are no longer bifurcated but are now merged in most jurisdictions, though equity jurisprudence and equitable doctrines are still independently viable. See 29 N.Y.S. 342, 343, 6 N.Y.S. 2d 720, 721, 293 F. 633, 637.

Equity in law cannot survive the magnification of so-called “rights” of special interest groups—this by itself offers nothing more than “private law(s)” that are narrowly defined within those groups, such as women’s groups or LGBTQ persons, who are de-natured by choice, and fully expect to be protected by “special laws” also known as “hate crimes,” for which any rejections of those from outside those groups can easily be construed as “hate crimes.” 

It is quite a comedy when relatives are gathered together within a family, and in most cases, it is the hostess who sets the places at a table of who is going to be seated where.  This behavior is precisely what special interest groups are experiencing when they expect to be protected.  The point is that laws that define a hate crime are never founded in equity.  The hostess who is setting the table can be likened to a judge, who is doling out judgments according to one’s situation to the one seated next to them.

Now comes the fun part—when an incident occurs within this table setting, will determine the seating arrangement at the next family gathering—this can also be applied to the rights of those within special interest groups, who upon an incident will be in a different place when another incident takes place that is construed as a “hate crime.” As long as we abandon “equal protection of the laws” and opt for special laws—it will be a never-ending of layer upon layer of laws, for which there will never be any justice.  “The more laws the less justice.” Thomas Jefferson 

By the way… “racism” is not a crime, but there is an extreme school of thought that has purported this idea and is being touted by both politicians and the MSM.  “Racism” is a morality issue, in other words, “a choice” and not a matter of law.  We can choose to be hateful or likable.  Let me give you a personal example; I was employed by a male gay couple, to do work on their house.  They have an RV that they allowed me to dwell in during my employment.  I was well aware of their living situation prior to me being hired, for which I had no problem with their chosen lifestyle, even though their practice is unnatural.  However, I am not sitting in the judgment seat and have accepted their choice because that is their right to make that choice, and I respect that choice even though I do not agree with it.

I could have easily have refused to do business with them, and I have that right to make that choice—it is not “racism” or a “hate crime,” if I have chosen not to do business with them.  The exact same thing is true with a baker who refuses to bake a cake for a gay couple.  What is happening in such cases is action is forced upon someone to produce or sue can also be construed as a “hate crime” against the gay couple, who are practicing the unlawful act of extortion.  The above is what is meant by “equal protection of the laws.”  The law must apply to everyone, or it means nothing.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Future of the Internet

There is a disturbing trend approaching that will happen during this new year, and that is the emergence of AI or artificial intelligence.  This new venue is currently being applied to marketing strategies, to attract customers.  The government has already used a non-human venue when dealing with the public—a numbering system, which ignores the specific needs of individual human beings.  The AI venue is going to treat everyone the same way as does the government—through demographics, and numbers.  The power of both computers and AI will narrow the shotgun approach to marketing.  The AI venue, however, has a dark side—the need to mine data from everyone, and when we do business on our computers, without using encrypted emails and an encrypted VPN, there will be no privacy. 

I have already subscribed to an encrypted email service.  The “free version” of this particular email service has fewer features than many other so-called “free email services, so I opted for the pay version.  I will not have to put up with pop-up advertising, or any advertising, which slows down computer response time and sometimes freezes a computer.  I paid a very reasonable price for this service, and will soon have a fully encrypted VPN service.

Another disturbing venue is also in the works, and that is being able to have full access to the Internet.  The Chinese Government has already quashed much of this access and may soon reach our shores—the program is called “Dragonfly.”  The United States version might be more capitalistic.  The more access you want, the more you will have to pay for it.  Therefore only the rich will have full and unfettered access to the Internet, but of course, all access will be monitored under “Dragonfly.”

When using “Gmail,” Google keeps all that mail for data mining.  “Gmail” is not encrypted and therefore subject to hacking, and the increased possibility of identity theft.  Although “Gmail” is free, there is still a price to pay—“We interrupt your Internet activities for this commercial announcement… your computer may slow down or freeze, but this is the price one pays for having a free email account.” 

There is no such thing as “privacy” when dealing with a socialist type of government, or the prying eyes of corporations that inventory our names into a data bank for further use.  Google owns this blog site I am currently using, and I don’t believe they will be flattered by this particular treatise, which means this blog can be pulled at anytime.  However, if this blog is not pulled, it will be because this blog does not carry a large audience.  

Monday, January 7, 2019

The True Reason, the United States Military, is in the Middle East

There was a stern warning from President Eisenhower to the newly elected President Kennedy which states, “Watch out for the Military Industrial Complex.”  President Kennedy heeded this warning by making efforts to keep the United States out of Vietnam.  The French were there for one-hundred years before the United States getting involved, for which the French were not shy about informing the United States to stay out of Vietnam.  One might suppose when one is a guest for one-hundred years and got the message that they may have overstayed their welcome. 

It was not until President Johnson inherited the presidency that the United States became fully involved in Vietnam.  I think a good hint of this venue comes from the mouth of the then President Johnson, when he stated, “You now have your war.”  There should be no doubt President Johnson was specifically addressing “The Military Industrial Complex.”  
Generally speaking, there is some rudimentary knowledge among the general population about how Washington D.C. operates.  The elite political community ignores all semblance of law and morality, to embrace both power and money.  Major General--Smedley Darlington Butler made a speech during the 1930s titled, “War is a Racket.”  To make a very long treatise very short can be summarized in the following few words—take all the profit out of war and there will be less of it.  One particular specific stood out quite overtly, which states; we need to pay all those who provide all the implements of war the same as the soldier who is willing to spill his/her blood.

During World War II a number of both millionaires and billionaires were created.  However, none of them had to go overseas; dressed in olive drab; carrying some weapon; marching for miles, until such time they had to duck for cover; many times going without a hot meal and digging trenches; not to mention a rather meager pay for risking one’s life and limb.

Vietnam dragged on for ten years without a victory—we simply left when the handwriting was on the wall.  “The Military Complex” made billions of dollars at the cost of over 50,000 lives, not including four lives at Kent State University.  The only lesson taken from the “Vietnam War.,” was not to fight a war from behind a desk.  The message from Major General—Smedley Darlington Butler was never heeded and never will be, until such time we abandon human greed.  Or perhaps we might consider screening all our Washington representatives, as to who is on the receiving end of money coming from military contractors.  Money from the venue of “The Military Complex”  is one precipitating reason why General Madis left the Trump Administration.

We seem to be in a constant “state of war,” for which there seems to be no exit strategy—why—because there is a non-stop flow of money into the pockets of the beneficiaries of all war.  We did not go into Iraq the second time because of weapons of mass destruction—that was an outright lie.  Also, no country has no business interfering in another’s civil war.   President Trump is correct by declaring a pull-out from the Middle East, but the establishment Republicans are flatly against such a movement, and there is no need for me to explain further.

Moreover, there is a way to deal with all radical Muslim terrorism—all without firing a shot.  The answer was given in one of my prior blogs some years ago.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Syrian Civil War

James 4:1 From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?  It might be well with my readers to view an old “Star Trek” episode titled; “A Taste of Armageddon”, and pay close attention to near the end when “Anon 7” pleads with “Captain Kirk”, as to the horrors of an actual protracted war, compared to a so-called “solution”, by waging war with computers and herding mathematically proclaimed “casualties” into suicide chambers.  If we want to tout the benefits of A.I., we might want to take a more magnified look at this prospect of control over our lives.  In addition, we might also carefully consider the touting of so-called, “climate change”, for which “human-caused” climate change might prompt the authorities to consider a scenario, as depicted in the movie “Logan’s Run”.

If wars were not planned, as every government around the world says, “Wars are a form of population control,” for which there is some truth in that statement.  The same could be said for abortion, but most abortions are taking place here in the United States, in order to slow down a “free thinking population”, and import a more easily controlled population from third world nations, who will gladly give up whatever freedoms they may have had, if we were a true nation of freedom, like we once were, but that ended in 1868.  However, no one told these aliens of the impending totalitarian takeover of the United States, by first establishing a socialist agenda, which is allowing more and more people into the United States, all without proper protocol and adding more crimes against American citizens, for which the Liberals are touting the elimination of “white men”.

Despite the above, we need to understand the United States has absolutely no business to assist or interfere in another’s “civil war”.  All one needed to do when viewing the masses of refugees fleeing Syria; imagine if you will, all the refugee men, if armed, could go back and reclaim what was once their’s. There are international laws in place that are designed to quell “chemical warfare”, for which the United Nations took no action, but President Trump was not shy about doing something about it, and there was very little resistance to this venue.  When a child’s spirit is one of rebellion; it does no harm to give that child a spanking in order to break that spirit.  It does no harm to the backside, for you cannot break it, because it is already split.

Now that “Isis” is under control in Syria; it is now up to the Syrian people to take full control over their own land.  Our armed forces are not for sale or prosecutors of another’s civil war.  As President Trump plainly and rightly stated, “We are not the world’s policeman.”  If a nation wants to embrace a democratic form of government—they need no help from us.  We are the example, but as it stands now; we are not to be emulated, until such time we take all the profit out of a war, for which was expounded by Major General Smedley Darlington Butler in a speech he made on or about 1932.  In addition, we are not in a proxy war against the Russians.  The Russians have their own problems at home, and this war is a distraction for the Russian people focusing upon the depressed economy of Russia. 

Without a doubt, there is much profit to be made in the prosecution of a war, and even more profit for those who produce the armaments.  J.P. Morgan knew this and was privy to the plans of the “Banksters” of a war they were planning for Europe, in order to remove the “crowned heads of Europe”.  So it was in 1903 that J.P. Morgan purchased Andrew Carnegie’s steel business, for which would be a primary supplier to both sides of the warring factions and reap tremendous profits.  The DuPont family was also well aware of the profit of war, which set up factories in early America for the manufacture of gunpowder.  All major wars since 1700 were all planned; the DuPont family knew it and so did J.P. Morgan and his banker backers. 

Washington D.C. is awash with money, for which many lobbyists are hired to peddle influence among our legislatures, which is the reason why our elected representatives no longer answer to their constituents back in their home States.  It is money, power and greed that makes up “The Swamp” that President Trump refers to be in process of draining.  I stated in one of my blogs when President Trump was just days in office that “draining the Swamp” is going to prove to be a daunting task.  I must say that the Mueller investigation has promulgated some media investigation to the “creatures of the Swamp”, who are the leftovers from the Obama Administration, and operating as if Obama were still in charge—perhaps he still is…? 

Many of these “swamp creatures” rear up their heads and the mallet is posed to knocking them down into their “rabbit holes”, only to pop up again someplace else.  These people seem to have the same immunity, for which I referred about Hitlary Clinton more than 3 years prior to now.  And again as I stated in a prior blog; “…the swamp is much deeper and murkier than President Trump perceives.  My hope is that President Trump might be likened to a “political transformer”, and pulls out his bag of the same kind of dirty tricks the “Demoncrats” practice.  With the “Demoncratic majority of the House of Representatives” poised to take place in January; President Trump is going to need a lot of help and support that he is not getting presently.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

What are a Republic and a Democracy? A short blog at the end about health care

We as Americans should be incensed at the behavior of the workings our current government; for which does not reflect or expound the context of our Constitution.  Benjamin Franklyn was quite succinct when he and the others, finally emerged from the hammering out of what has to be the greatest document for the benefit of “We the People” and answered a question from those outside who were waiting for what had transpired; to wit: “You now have a republic if you can keep it.”  Not too long after the Civil War had ended; our republic was changed to a “democracy”; for which a “democracy” is quite different from a “republic”.

The “democracy” that was created has morphed throughout one century, into “socialism”; for which the stake in the heart was promulgated by FDR, and was the beginning of what should be called “the fourth branch of our government, a bureaucracy.”  Any “bureaucracy” is government control, and in this case, it is “Federal control,” for which requires a standard of revenue that can be relied upon for its life and continued growth.  Enter the “Instant Rip-off Service,” or more commonly known as the IRS.  We may have a constitutional amendment that gives breath and life to the IRS, but it was not properly enacted.  As they say, “the devil is in the details,” that can be found in my book titled, “What Difference Does It Make?!”  

The United States bureaucracies have a built-in, systemic edict of an increase in growth every year, which is why we have an ever-increasing “national debt” that will never be repaid, and the very reason why the cost of government is having a negative effect upon our economy and will continue to do so.  This is one particular reason why the “Demoncrats” were livid about President Trump’s tax reform.  Less money for the government simply means more money through both the front and back door of every American.  A lesser burden directly affecting the individual taxpayer is just one benefit.  Another benefit that indirectly affects the entire economy is the tax cut for business.  This was a reverse “double whammy” that was the vaccination of money we hard-working Americans deserved for a very long time.  Also, was President Trump’s basement door of cutting regulations is another that has effectively helped the entire nation to become more competitive in a global market.

Socialism demands more government control, which is merely a subtle form of slavery.  In reality, the “14th Amendment” changed the ownership of the slaves to the Federal Government, but also enslaved everyone else who is a “U.S. citizen.”  When we were a “republic,” we were “Citizens” of our respective States.  Anyone who has just read the above sentence might want to reread it with a more critical eye and find a distinct difference of a specific word mentioned twice… The difference is what defines an individual as either a slave or a free person.  Words and their meanings are quite acute whenever the law is involved; this includes the capitalization of words and gives more meaning to when it is stated about any legal document of “crossing T’s and dotting I’s.  It is these subtleties that excite me about the study of law.  It is said “knowledge is power,” but this does not quite ring true, especially when dealing with matters and points of law.  That particular quote should be rendered; “the right knowledge is power.”

When reading my book, “What Difference Does It Make?!”… might be a rather daunting task, but I have worded it to give the ignorant reader at the very least a rudimentary understanding of the law.  When I just stated, “ignorant reader” that is not an insult, or even in the slightest an offense.  I was at one time just as ignorant of the law as any other person who would rather refer those matters to the attorneys they hire.  I must apologize for the following, but those who hire an attorney have already declared themselves incompetent.  Just so many of my readers of this blog are in good company; “the Book of Romans” is a study of law, for which is quite probably the most difficult book to read in our Bibles.  And yes, even though I am quite well educated in matters of law; I also find this particular book a rather difficult read.  Paul was a very complex and well-educated person, as well as passionate about his beliefs when he at first was persecuting converts.  Paul’s conversion was quite dramatic, for which he was humbled.  It rather tickles me that God could be considered a “drama queen.”  Oh, come on… God is no prude, and he could deliver well-deserved insults as well as admonishments.  It is not a sin to be a “drama queen.”   

We have another looming problem that the Demoncrats have every intention of grabbing the bull by the horns, and that is upholding ObamaCare.  The teeth of ObamaCare that so-called, “was declared as being constitutional by Chief Justice Roberts” was eliminated by the Trump Administration; and now a Federal Judge has declared what is left of ObamaCare as “unconstitutional,” and rightly so.  There actually more to this than meets the eye, only because of it's so-called, “points of law.”  I have written about this before, but just as some Biblical scripture bears repeating, so will I repeat what I have prominently blogged before.  ObamaCare was declared as, “the law of the land,” but from a pure standpoint of law that was never true, because any “law of the land” is a “Constitutional Amendment.”  

Obama and the Demoncrats simply had no patience to assemble a “Constitutional Convention.”  They knew this would never fly, only because all the truth of this particular Amendment would become well-known, and there would be no secrets.

Also, anything that requires a “signature” is a contract, for which anyone signing up for ObamaCare has entered into a government contract.  Your driver’s license is a government contract because your signature is required to make the contract valid.  Despite our “Right to Travel,” in regards to the licensing of drivers, this is an entirely different subject that I have also expounded previously.  Actually, the “Affordable Care Act” is an adhesion contract, as is the driver’s license, because they can stick anything they want onto it, and it then becomes instantly retroactive universally.  This is specifically why they saved the “Individual Mandate” to be implemented down the road, for which you would discover upon the implementation of the “Individual Mandate”, an additional deduction from your paycheck, for this was the coup de ta’ to make ObamaCare a single payer system, for which they apparently had in mind all along. 

What did I say in a recent prior blog about a universal health care system?  We currently have a deficit of 20,000 doctors nationwide.  Therefore, what will be the immediate effect of this system of health care?  Two words will become the byword of ObamaCare; “Rationed Care”, for which the health cares of millions of Americans, will plummet, within the first year.

Health Care is not a “Constitutional Right”, whether or not it is taxed.  The Supreme Court is not at all times “supreme” in their behavior.  The Supreme Court is not as laudable as it once was and is clearly divided within party lines.  Not until such time will I ever give my complete credence to the Supreme Court, unless they adhere one-hundred percent of the time to our “Constitution”, which includes “The Bill of Rights”, unfettered!

Health care is a matter of choice.  If your diet consists of fast-food or what I call a “policeman’s lunch”, coffee and a donut; what do you think will happen to your individual health care?  If you are eating junk, you will feel like junk.  There are simply too many choices of foods available that are not designed to be nutritious; not to mention the toxic ingredients in all processed so-called, “foods”.  Some of those “snack foods” contain specific ingredients that are designed to make you eat more of it.  “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”  Thomas Jefferson